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Genes, Genomes, and Human Genetics,
an on-line course
from Rutgers University
Department of Genetics, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Division of Biological Sciences
and the Waksman Institute.

Genes, Genomes, and Human Genetics was initiated with funds from the National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of Health.

The course instructors are Professors Jeff Charney, Drew Vershon, and Bill Sofer.

Genes, Genomes, and Human Genetics is ordinarily a three credit, introductory college course open to anyone with access to the Internet. The course is aimed at students who have taken US high school-level courses (or their equivalent) in biology and chemistry, including high school students, teachers, retirees, home schoolers, and employees at pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. This summer, we are using some aspects of the course as a supplement to "Research Internship in Science Education" (15:526:555).

Class Announcements

Last updated 9:30 AM June 4, 2007.

Research Internship in Science Education will begin on June 25, 2007. However, students enrolled in this class should complete the readings and quizzes before the class begins.

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Computer Requirements
The course software requires a modern browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc., and the Flash 6.0 or later plug-in (it comes with most browsers). To check whether you already have Flash 6.0 or later, look below. You should be able to see (and hear) a Flash video if the plug-in is working properly.

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